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Who we are and what we do

Das sind wir!

We are a group of friends that have been living for many years in Tübingen and the surroundings, although most are originally coming from Ukraine.

In the current situation we cannot simply stand aside and by all means try to help those in need in the Ukraine.

Therefore, we have founded the initiative "Tübingen Hilft Ukraine". In collaboration with Ukrainian logistical companies, we are working together to deliver the collected humanitarian supplies to Ukraine.

Our trucks are primarily going to Lviv or Mukachevo, where the collaborative NGOs, as well as our friends and relatives, help to unload, sort, and distribute the supplies onto smaller transport vehicles that are than brought by the volunteers to the South of Ukraine. Since we are personally acquainted and permanently stay in contact with the receiving parties, the whole transportation is uncomplicated, and we can be sure that the cargo always reaches the destination. We are directly working together with Ukrainian doctors, hospitals, and even city mayors, from whom we are receiving the lists of most needed supplies.

Our achievements

We try to distribute the relief supplies to as many places as possible within the Ukraine so that our humanitarian aid can reach a maximum number of people in need. Up to this point we have been able to supply the following cities:
Map of Ukraine

Our partners

To finance the aid and be able to accept donations we are closely working with the Ukrainisches Verein Tübingen e.V., the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Stuttgart and Ukrainer in Stuttgart e.V..

Besides that, we are supported by the Ukrainian doctors working at different clinics in Tübingen. In collaboration with Difäm and the University Hospital of Tübingen we could organize and purchase medical devices and medication.

The city of Tübingen and its the mayor Boris Palmer as well as WIT Wirtschaftsförderung kindly provided us with the warehouse where we can store the collected supplies and prepare them for further transportation to Ukraine.

Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH also supports us through regular donations.

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