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Collection of charitable donations for children with cancer

When a child is sick with cancer, it affects its social surrounding. Volunteer organization “Tübingen Hilft Ukraine” invites everyone to take part in the collection of money, toys and sweets for children with cancer in Rivne regional children's hospital (60 Kievskaya street, Rivne, Ukraine). Children with cancer, who need support and help, find themselves in an even more vulnerable position during the war. In this difficult time for Ukraine, we must unite to ensure that children with cancer continue to receive timely, comprehensive treatment.

Support for doctors and patients

Mykola Horbachuk, a Ukrainian neurosurgeon working at UKT, who is also a member of “Tübingen Hilft Ukraine”, went this April as a volunteer doctor to a district hospital in Dnipro, Ukraine, to help the wounded and all those in need. He is basically 24/7 on call and describes the major difficulties our hospitals face in light of the brutal war, lack of any supplies and personnel. We at the “Tübingen Hilft Ukraine” appeal to all who are not indifferent with a request to support doctors and patients by donating basic medical supplies (pain medication, bandages, etc.) and foods (sweets, nuts, dried fruits, juices, vitamins, or similar) that are now sadly in high demand throughout Ukrainian hospitals.